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What is Kratom?

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Kratom is simply leaves collected from a tree. A portion of the leaves are usually shed every season. Kratom is taken orally. The most fool proof way is via hot tea. Some people have had luck putting it in capsulse or parchuting it, but some have not had luck with this method. The effects are energizing at low doses, and sedating at higher doses. Higher doses are very much like an opiate (many compare it to Hydrocodone) but with more energy to it. Kratom does work on your opiate receptors.

Things you NEED to know


DOWNERS – alcohol, opiates/painkillers, benzos (like xanax or klonopin), etc. It is very dangerous to mix any of those substances with one another because you can run into FATAL situation very easily such as respiratory depression (breathing stops).
UPPERS – caffeine, amphetamines, etc. This may not be as bad as mixing with downers but kratom already puts a bit of a load on your cardio system.[/b]
Hallucinogens are OK! – It is not recommended that you mix kratom with anything until you have experienced its full effects several times. It is likely that you will not even notice the kratom if you do! One of the favorites for many is weed. Kratom and weed have a VERY synergistic effect. A few people consume kratom near the end of an acid or mushroom trip as it tends to have a bit of a grounding effect. More opinions are needed on this though.

Addiction – Kratom works on your opiate receptors. IT IS POSSIBLE to get a physical addiction that will result in withdrawls similar to that of opiate withdrawls. Do not take kratom more than 1-2 times per week. If you stick to this, you should not have any addiction issues. Additionally, taking it more frequently will increase your tollerance to kratom and it will not work as well. If you dose kratom on a friday, it will barely work on a saturday. You need to give atleast 1 day in between doses for the effect to be worth while.

First time users – Kratom reacts differently for everyone. Kratom does not work the first few times for about 25% of people trying it (opioid experience has nothing to do with it). Kratom also has a plateau (described below). Everyone’s plateau is different so dose lightly your first few times!!

Plateau – Kratom has a dosing plateau. Taking higher doses of kratom will only increase the effects up to a certain point. This point is DIFFERENT FOR EVERY PERSON. The problem is, if you take more than this point you will feel very sick. If you end up getting yourself sick, the chances of being able to ingest kratom in the future will be pretty slim thanks to the psychosomatic response you created.
DO YOURSELF A FAVOR- Dose low and SLOWLY work up the dose if it is your first time with kratom or you are trying a new type. It is best to do this with new batches too as the potency of kratom changes by the season.
There is plenty of time to take a heavy dose all at once. Don’t be a jackass and think you are too hardcore to use some caution.

Powder – Alot of people don’t pay attention to this one. Most kratom comes in a crushed leaf form. This is also going to be the cheapest form. Go buy a $10-20 coffee grinder. If you don’t mind spending a little more $ most vendors sell preground kratom. Kratom leaf NEEDS to be turned into a fine powder for it to work properly. Additionally, it needs to be a powder if you do not have a scale to measure the kratom. (1 teaspoon = ~2- 2.5g of powdered kratom)

How To Dose – first times, new products, new batches
This process is VERY EASY:
Firstly, Check the kratom comparison list below for info on what a starting, incremental, and max dose would typically be.
Then, decide on what method of dosing/preparation you want to use (bottom).

1: Start with an empty stomach (no eating for 2-3 hours before). Anything in your stomach will change the speed at which kratom comes up. I have seen it take several hours
2: Take a starting dose
3: Wait 1 hour
4: Take an incremental dose
5: Repeat steps 3&4 as many times as you want up until you hit a max dose, BUT STOP if you feel nausea commin on
6: YAY you found your plateau You can now dose this total ammount (maybe a little less since you did it over a few hours) all at once in the future. I personally still prefer to consume my total dose over the period of 1 hour but it is up to you.



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